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In addition to the categories which you can reach from the above links there will occasionally be Adult Formation sessions held after Mass when a visitor will come to provide a workshop or presentation on a topic of interest. There is no fixed timetable for these occasions which will always be advertised in the bulletin. 


Marriage Preparation (Couples' Group)

Please get in touch with the Pastor when you have plans to be married. We need about 6 months notice prior to the wedding date. As part of marriage preparation we ask couples to attend at least three of our Couples’ Group meetings.
Couples Group
This group meets, in the Pastoral Centre, on the third Thursday of the month. It provides a chance to meet other couples and discuss a variety of topics and issues relevant to the maintenance of relationships. For engaged couples this group also provides part of our Marriage Preparation programme. 

We recommend an excellent site to help marriage preparation. It is , produced in Ireland. It deals with all aspects of the matter -- what are the first steps to take, possibilities for adapting the service to your needs, a full print out of the nuptial mass rite through to ideas for creating your own wedding booklet, notions for decorating the church and so on. For those of you planning your wedding, it's a great place to start. 



Once a year we arrange a 3 day Retreat for adults. In 2017 it will take place from Friday 22 September (15.00) until Sunday 24 September (14.00)  at the convent of Regina Carmeli, in the beautiful old town of Sittard, close to the German and Belgian borders - a two and a half hour drive from The Hague, with easy access by public transport. Fr. Brendan Thomas from Belmont Abbey UK will be leading this retreat. He has led many retreats for the parish and is the senior retreat master at Belmont Abbey. Price is € 150 p.p. (depending on numbers) for the whole weekend. Each room has its own bathroom and all meals are included. If interested, please contact Helena after Mass on Sunday morning (choir box) or by email at A non-refundable cash deposit of € 25 p.p. will secure your place. 



There is an opportunity to have Reconciliation every Sunday before the evening Mass. Fr Sjaak is available from 16.30-17.00. It is also possible to make a private appointment by contacting the Parish Office. During both Advent and Lent we hold an evening communal Reconciliation Service. 



RCIA stands for the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. 
This course is for people who are interested in finding out about the Catholic faith or for those adults who have been Baptised but have not yet received First Communion or Confirmation. Also, people who have not attended church for a long time, yet feel they would like to be part of our community once more, are welcome. Informal sessions are held on Monday evenings in the Pastoral Centre. Contact Paul Falke via the office for information or with queries regarding other ways of renewing your faith. The courses run from early September until Easter. 

Christian Meditation

Meditation is not what you think: it seeks God in the silence and stillness beyond word and thought.

Meditation is the art of paying attention, a simple practice and a universal gift, found at the heart of all great traditions. Christian Meditation is based on the guidelines of Fr. Laurence Freeman OSB, and originates from the Benedictine spirituality and the monastic wisdom of the Desert Fathers. The journey of meditation is like an inner pilgrimage. It is a simple method to learn, using a prayer word (a mantra), and it is also called the prayer of the heart or contemplative prayer. It can be practised by anyone from wherever you are on your life’s journey.

The meditation group meets on Wednesday evening at 19h30 for 1 hour. The one hour meeting includes quiet music, a short taped talk on meditation, 20-25 minutes of silent meditation, followed by a question period. Newcomers are welcome to the group. If you would like to join, please contact Odile van der Hoff. For more information on The World Community for Christian Meditation, please visit the website.