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Child Baptism

When a new member has been added to your private family, it is time also to think about his or her initiation into the Catholic Christian family. The Church of Our Saviour would like to be a part of welcoming him or her into the body of Christ. Even if your child's baptism will be in your country of origin, it is important that you prepare for this sacrament.  For Adult Baptism we refer you to the RCIA programme.

Guidelines for infant baptisms

Firstly we would like to say that we are very happy that you have chosen our parish community for the baptism of your child. It is always a pleasure to be able to extend a welcome to a new member of the family of Christ.
It is necessary to contact the Pastor at least one month before the baptism. One meeting will be needed with the parents for preparation and for general administration. One Catholic Godparent is a requirement of the Church but, in addition, other Christian Godparents are welcome. Please bring the complete names of the Godparents to the preparatory meeting.
We normally celebrate baptism every first Sunday of the month as part of the celebration of the evening Eucharist. This service always takes place at 17.30 at the church itself. During Lent we do not schedule baptisms, although, of course, in an emergency situation, alternative arrangements can be made.
During the Celebration
Due to the fact that baptism is a community celebration for us, it is important that the service should begin on time. Therefore we ask the parents and Godparents to arrive 15 minutes before the Mass for a final briefing, ie no later than 17.15.
You are welcome to record the baptism on film, but we can only allow for one camera per family (either video or photo). We would also like to stress again that the baptism is part of a community act of worship and thus that the use of any camera needs to be discreet. We would ask that you do not walk around during the service, and naturally photography or filming of other sections of the service is not appropriate. Clearly, it also stands to reason that neither the parents nor the godparents should be filming or taking photographs. After the service the Pastor will be available for special photographs, if you so wish.
The baptism of your child involves preparation and paperwork . We suggest a fee of €75 to cover these administrative costs. A baptismal certificate and candle are included in this fee.

Children's Liturgy

At Children's Liturgy the children listen to the Word of God and talk about how they can follow Jesus in their everyday lives. Each week we do an activity linked to the Gospel Reading and often the children bring back their work to decorate the church or to take home with them. The sessions take place during the Sunday Mass on most Sundays of the year. For any further information you can contact one of our Coordination team: Livia Lobo either at the church or via the Parish Office. CL ROSTER - SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER 2018.xlsx

Religious Education

As an international English speaking Roman Catholic Church in the Hague, the Church of Our Saviour has parishioners from approximately 90 countries who come to worship and learn. We have been given the opportunity to help strengthen families and pass on faith, by learning together what it means to be Christian.

COS offers religious education on Sunday mornings for parishioner children 4-16 years old. RE classes are from Pre-Kindergarten (age 4) through to grade 8 (age 14). Contact RE Coordinator for 2018/2019, Margaret van Emmerik, at for more information.

For the scholastic year 2018/2019, the RE desk is open for registrations / applications by 26 August in the atrium after the morning mass. 

Registration fee is €75 for each child registering for classes. For more information, please contact Margaret.
Download the new RE Calendar for the year here: RE SCHEDULE 2018-2019.pdf

RE Newsletter 2018-2019.pdf






First Holy Communion

Receiving Jesus Christ for the first time in Holy Communion is the most profound moment in the religious formation of a young child.  The COS Catechist aims to help children grow in their understanding, love, and appreciation of the Eucharist and to participate readily in catechizing their students. They will work each week teaching your child about our faith. As a parent, you have the primary role in the sacramental process for your child. You will help your child grow in faith as you prepare him or her for the reception of the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist. Working with your child at home to ensure that he/she knows their prayers and taking part in required events such as their first Reconciliation is part of our program.  For Communion candidates, the class Mass, completing 2 hours of community service and consistently attending Sunday Mass are vital! We encourage you to do all you can, and we promise to do the best we can to aide and guide the sacramental preparation for your child.  
If you would like to enroll your child for First Holy Communion, you will need to complete the RE registration / application. There is an additional fee of €50 in addition to the religious education fee of €75 that covers professional photography and materials for the First Holy Communion Service and reception after the Mass. Contact Margaret van Emmerik, at for more information. 

For Communicants 2016/2017, please copy and paste this link  to access your FHC pictures.



​Preparation for the sacrament of Confirmation is offered to those students who have completed the Religious Education class years (up to Grade 8/Year 9/Klas 2). It is expected that these students will be between 14 and 16 years old. Older students are recommended to consider the RCIA programme. Meetings are held on various Sunday evenings twice a month after the 17.30 mass. Please check the bulletin for the precise dates of meetings. The Rite of Confirmation will be celebrated by April or May 2019 – Date will be announced in Jan/Feb. For more information and registration, please contact the parish office at
There is a total fee of 125 per candidate which covers the retreat and all materials.