Other Groups


 If you would like our Intercessory Prayer Group to pray for someone special then please complete one of the cards available on the tables at the side and back of the church amd prayers will be said.

African Community Group    Alcoholics Anonymous    Church Cleaning    Cultural Trips   

Flower Arrangements    Hospitality    Maintenance Group   

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All Coordinators can be contacted via the Parish Office. In addition to the groups listed below we have many people who help us in many ways - money counters, our BBQ specialists, scene shifters for various occasions - all much appreciated and we couldn't cope without them. If you have talents you would like to share, let us know and we'll find a place for you!! 

African Community Group

The African Community Group brings all the African parishioners together in a fellowship that expresses and shares love for family and neighbours displayed in liturgy and in the traditional African extended family custom. The Group helps to coordinate African representation and full participation in church, reaching out to new and departing members, caring for those in need. The African Group is extremely active during Food Fair and has also regularly hosted African Evenings as a fund raiser for Build With Us. Contact: Johnbosco Uche  

Alcoholics Anonymous

This English-speaking group meets twice a week in the Pastoral Centre, on Thursday evenings from 20.00-21.00 and on Sunday evenings from 19.00-20.00. This is not really a parish run group but it is open to all our parishioners. If you are interested then simply come along (entrance Helenastraat 8 at the back of the centre). For further information about available help go to www.aa-netherlands.org which is in English and gives general contact details.

Church Cleaning

On the last Saturday morning of each month at 09.30 a team of volunteers gathers together to give our church a good clean. Numbers at the moment are quite low and we would really appreciate some extra hands to make the work quicker and easier. If you are interested in donating a couple of hours each month to this activity contact our coordinator Dessu Dulla via the office. 


Cultural Trips

From time to time one of the groups or an individual in the parish takes the initiative to arrange a trip out for any interested parties. This could be a trip to a place of tourist interest, a lunch party or a foreign journey. Keep a look out in the bulletin for news of such outings or trips and also, if you have an idea for such an event, do communicate this to the office. The Parish Trip 2017 will be to Northumberland in the UK. Departure is Monday 8 May and return is Saturday 13 May. Email the parish office for more information.

Flower Arrangements

Cheryl Carr coordinates the decoration of our worship space and would welcome assistance from those who would like to help. We have a scheme whereby individual parishioners or families can sponsor the altar flowers as a commemoration of a special anniversary or event. If you would like to do this contact Cheryl via the Parish House.


Being part of this team is a great way to meet people! Hospitality includes a wide range of activities primary among which is providing coffee, tea, soft drinks, and cakes for the children, after Mass. However the team also coordinates special receptions from time to time especially on the big occasions such as Easter, New Year, Christmas etc. Volunteers to help are always welcome! If you are able to to be one of those volunteers, please contact Aileen Faulkner either after Mass or via the office.

Maintenance Group

We have a small group of people, headed up by Hans Bloemen, who are prepared to carry out minor repairs and maintenance within the church. From time to time special Saturdays are arranged when we ask for volunteers to donate some hours of their time to work with the core team to carry out a pre-detailed list of repairs. Extra hands are always welcome!


Rosary Prayer Groups

Come join the Rosary Prayer Group every first and third Mondays of the month at 19.00, Room 3 of the Pastoral Centre. Contact Christine Jackson, RPG Coordinator for more information.